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Suspect Imjin Scout Patches Submitted by Don Lopez

Imjin Scout Patches of Questionable Origin

The following Imjin Scout patches were received from the Wisconsin Veterans Museum. The museum requested information regarding the authenticity of the patches and any other information that we could provide. It is my belief that these patches are not authentic. I suspect that they were fabricated on the Korean economy and sold to PX soldiers. The only two patches that I know to be authentic are the Imjin Scout patch with no caption at the bottom awarded to ACTA graduates the Imjin Scout patch that has DMZ in gold letters at the bottom of the patch. This version of the Imjin Scout patch was awarded to soldiers after performing 20 operational missions within the DMZ. If you have any information regarding the following patches, please contact the site webmaster. The following patches appear homemade and amateurish.