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Stars & Stripes Articles on the Camp Liberty Bell Attack Submitted by Bob Monahan Company C, 76th Engineers

The following two vintage 1967 articles were contributed to the site by Bob Monahan. He introduced the articles with the following comments:

Good site! I have attached a copy of the article in the Pacific Stars and Stripes of 8/30/67/and 8/31/67 about the attack on Co "C" 76th Engrs at Camp Liberty Bell. I was there ducking, dodging and getting my butt to the armory to shoot back. It was not the first time we were attacked nor the last but it certainly was the worst. Note the quote form the UNC spokesman, "the most serious attack in the Korean Armistice history". I don't know if all the guys who served at Camp Liberty Bell, which we built, (we were the "Liberty Bell Battalion" hence the name)were aware of the blood that was spilt and the men who died there. I had heard that there was a monument at the camp. I hope so. It would be a shame if these guys died and were forgotten.

Bob Monahan (Sp/5 Co "C" 76th Engrs)