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North Korean Psyops Flyer Submitted by David LaForest

Below is a flyer (front and back sides) I found on the DMZ in February of 1968 while on patrol, we were on high alert for the Pueblo capture and the Blue House raid. It depicts the crew of the USS Pueblo both real and in caricature and the humiliating position they were in after being captured by the North Koreans. Most likely it came by balloon across the DMZ and was meant to travel further south before the balloon broke to distribute the flyers. I served with the 2/9th Infantry, 2nd Infantry Division. We wanted our government to go in and free the crew and take back our ship even though in the event of war we would be the first to feel the brunt of the North Korean's attack. Moral was sky high in Manchu country. Thought you might enjoy this.

Regards, Dave LaForest