New Additions

More Pictures from SSG Chuck Groff Co A, 2/9th (Manchu)

A picture of a helicopter over Camp Wentzel, home of Company A, 2/9th Infantry (Manchu), 1969. Notice the sign on the telephone pole that reads, "Are you a Dilbert?" I did not remember the use of the term Dilbert in those days.
The life and times in a mechanized infantry unit. A picture of a SSG Bank with the troops doing "motor stables." Company A, 2/9th Infantry (Manchu), 1969
The troops are loaded on the DMZ shuttle. Rolling out just before sunset for another night of fun.
Plenty of transportation for all the troops. Nobody will miss the fun.
The old man will head to the DMZ and make his rounds.
Shortly after we arrive at the barrier fence, the sun is starting to set.
Quickly the sun falls below the horizon.
Darkness descends on the DMZ and we walk the fence and man the foxholes in total darkness. Usually Joe entertains us with his propaganda boom boxes.