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AFKN Radio Tomahawk Top Thirty from Allan Winters

One of the fun things I get to do as webmaster is receive unexpected email from the site's readers. Sometimes it is just a simple thank you which is great but other times I discover a gem attached. Such was the case with an email I received today from Allan Winters who was Program Director for Second Division's AFKN Radio Tomahawk. The gem in this case was the Tomahawk Top Thirtyfrom December 13-19 1968. OK, we all probably remember the songs that were on the charts at the end of 1968 but what struck me most was looking at them in order along with their ratings from the previous week. And yes, there is the special touch of the manual typewriter font that conjured up memories of my days as company clerk at AFKN. It was far from a perfect world in the age of the typewriter. Many a day I would crumple up my mistakes and fill a wastebasket before I got the requisite correspondence ready for signature by the "old man." Those were the days and awe Gawd there has been a lot of water under the bridge since then. Whew... 35 years ago! Thanks for sharing a bit of your memorabilia Al. I must say that as I read down the list of those old songs I did a lot of reading between the lines as those dormant brain cells were activated. Thanks so much for the memories and,