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AFKN Alumni Pages Update


It is with a great deal of excitement that I present to you the following AFKN Alumni pages. At their very least they are walk down memory lane. A short, nostalgic visit to a distant time and place. The photo collection of Specialist 4 Lynn Anderson, AFKN Class of 1968, really needs no introduction. Lynn's photographs capture all of the key elements of our tour at AFKN. I found myself listening again to the chatter of the teletype machines and felt myself sitting in the 501 Club watching tape delayed sporting events, and on and on.... I hope Lynn's pictures and the rest of the memorabilia provide a catalyst for reviving those dormant brain cells and latent memory of your time "on the hill."

The Lynn Anderson Photo Collection, 1968

AFKN Story, Vintage 1970

SGT Tony Booth working with
206th Public Information Detachment,
Vintage 1970

AFKN March 1970 Newsletter

AFKN May 1970 Newsletter

AFKN Summer 1970 Newsletter

AFKN Radio Tomahawk Top Thirty
December 1968

Robert Hoffman Photo Album, 1970

AFKN Fun Memorabilia

Some more pictures

I hope you enjoyed the AFKN memorabilia. It amazing how our long term memory works. The newsletters brought back many memories and made me recall people, places, and events that otherwise would have remained in my latent memory forever. What great fun to revisit the distant past. In addition to waxing nostalgia, the newsletters also represent a significant summary of the history of AFKN, vintage 1970.

Don Lopez
AFKN Admin
Class of 1970