Second Infantry Division Regulation 672-3

Decorations, Awards, and Honors


1. PURPOSE. To establish the criteria and procedures for awarding the Imjin Scout Certificate for participation in Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) operations.

2. GENERAL. Award of the Imjin Scout Certificate will provide special recognition to the members of the 2d Infantry Division and members of units in support of Division operations engaged directly and actively in DMZ missions.


     a. The Imjin Scout Certificate may be awarded to each individual who qualifies in at least one of the following criteria:

            (1) Participates in 20 operational missions in the following categories, either on the barrier fence or in the DMZ.

            (a) Patrols of all types (less interior and bridge).

            (b) Guard POst/Observation Post Duty.

            (c) Quick reaction force mission.

            (d) Armed escort missions.

            (e) Radar team missions (all radar sites).

            (f) Follow-up patrol operations.

            (2) Participates in 20 administrative or logistical operational missions in the following categories, either on the barrier fence or in the DMZ.

            (a) Minefield clearance.

            (b) Explosive ordnance disposal.


* This regulation supersedes 2d Inf Div Reg 672-3, 6 October 1986


2d Div Reg 672-3

            (c) Medical support personnel assigned or attached
to a unit(s) performing missions so listed above

            (d) Road construction/repair.

            (e) Facilities construction/repair.

            (3) Is credited with causing or directly assisting in
the neutralization of enemy agents.

            (4) Is wounded in actual contact with enemy agents.            

     b. Not more than one mission credit will be awared during
one 24-hour period of duty.


     a. Unit commanders will submit lists of eligible personnel through appropriate command channels to approving authorities. The following will be provided:

            (1) Name, rank, SSN, and unit of each nominee.

            (2) Dates on which the missions were performed.

            (3) Statement by the unit commander that the nominee submitted is qualified to receive the Imjin Scout Certificate.

            (4) Specific criteria and category of mission, (from paragraph 3a) which qualifies each nominee for the award.

     b. Certificates (Appendix) will be prepared by the responsible unit commander and forwarded to the Approving Authority for authentication.

     c. Upon approval, certificates will be forwarded to the responsible unit commander for presentation.

     d. Cerificates will be presented by the responsible unit commander or his designated representative in appropriate ceremonies as soon as practicable after the award has been approved.

5. APPROVING AUTHORITY. Approving authority for award of the Imjin Scout Certificate is delegated only to the Commander, 3d Brigade.



2d Div Reg 672-3


6. WEAR OF THE IMJIN SCOUT INSIGNIA. The Imjin Scout Insignia is no longer authorized to be awarded. worn, or procured with government funds.


7. PROCUREMENT OF CERTIFICATES. Requests to procure the Imjin Scout Certificates will be prepared on DA Form 17 (Requisition for Publications and Blank Forms). Requests will be forwarded through the appropriate chain of command to the ACofS, G1/AG, ATTN: ASB, for processing. Requests will include quantity needed and justification, and desired date requisition is to be completed.


The proponent agency of this regulation is the ACofS, G1/AG, 2d  Infantry Division. Users are invited to send comments and suggested improvements on DA Form 2028 (Recommended Changes to Publications) to Commander, 2d Infantry Division, ATTN: EAID-GP, APO San Francisco 96224-0289.