Johnny Putt III Korea Photo Collection

This is the badge that I received with the Imjin Scout Certificate. It is hard to see but above the peninsula the word "VIGILANCE!" is inscribed. Which means Alert Watchfulness.

I ETS'ed Korea and Radar Site #4, just above Camp Liberty Bell, in November of 1991. We still had control of the two GPs inside the Z, contrary to stories published. After I got back to the World, I heard that the US pulled out of the Z in like October of 1991, hum, I was there in November and we still had soldiers on them. So it must have been shortly after I left that we gave up the GPs.

If I was a betting man, and I have been know to occasionally, I would say that the men on RS #4, were some of the last men to earn the Certificate, if not the last. The Certificate was not a highly visible Certificate. We, the RS #4 guys, about 12 of us, from 2nd PLT, B. Co., 102 MI BN, had heard about it and had to recon it.


This is me getting ready to dismount for a patrol, notice the magazine, p.s. it has live ammo, but don't tell anyone. Oct 90

This is a picture of me at the MDL on patrol, live ammo in mag. 13 Nov 90

This is a picture of me in front on the sign at the entrance to Radar Site #4. Jan 90

This is picture of the Tank Wall and the DMZ barrier fence viewed from Radar Station #4. Feb 90

This is a picture of our barracks (up front) and Camp Liberty Bell viewed from Radar Station #4. Feb 90

This is a picture of Radar Station #4 viewed from Camp Liberty Bell. Mar 90