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Tell The Imjin Scout Story

From Stuart Jamison's colored pencil sketch of the original Imjin Scout patch, to the Imjin Scout Certificates of Johnny Putt and John King, which we believe are a couple of the last ones issued, has on display a large collection of Imjin Scout Certificates and Patches.



Stuart Jamison


Jamison was instrumental in the design and development of the Imjin Scout patch and the establishment of the Advanced Combat Training Academy at Camp Sitman. ACTA's mission was to train infantry soldiers for duty in the demilitarized zone.


Thomas Ridenour


Ridenour was an artilleryman with the 7/17th Artillery when he attended ACTA. Both his subdued patch, which he believes may be the oldest subdued Imjin Scout patch, and his regular patch clearly appear to have a lot of patrol mileage on them. KEEP UP THE FIRE!



Don M. Lopez


Lopez earned his Imjin Scout patch and certificate while assigned with the 2/9th Infantry Regiment, which was permanently assigned north of the Imjin River. What we see on this patch is the gold "DMZ" emblazoned at the bottom of it. This type of patch was adopted after the original patch for soldiers who completed 20 or more operational missions in the DMZ but had not attended ACTA.



Robert Poorman


Poorman wore a subdued Imjin Scout patch that was adapted for wear on the Army's battle dress uniform.


Johnny Putt


Putt earned his Imjin Scout certificate in 1991.



John King


King also earned his Imjin Scout certificate in 1991, the last year the Second Infantry Division awarded it. King's certificate is one of the last ever issued. Specialist King was also on the DMZ October 1, 1991, when the change of command handing over the American sector to the South Koreans took place.