It is with great excitement that I present to you the Chuck Groff collection of Korean DMZ memorabilia. It is a special pleasure to do this because Chuck was a platoon sergeant in Company A, 2/9th Infantry when I arrived in April 1969. When I laid my first keystrokes into cyberspace in the early part of 2002, I found myself reflectling, reminiscing, and waxing nostalgia as I paged through the 1969 2/9th Battalion yearbook. The site went on the air in May 2002 and quickly attracted a following. I added the site guestbook a few months later. What I wanted more than anything was to connect with soldiers that I had served with in Alpha Manchu, 2/9th Infantry. My line had been cast into cyberworld but it took a few months until I got my first nibble. In July 2002 my luck began to change as I discovered a posting from Lieutenant Richard Montroy who was the company commander. This was followed by a posting by Staff Sergeant Chuck Groff. The following memorabilia is provided courtesy of Chuck. I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks so much Chuck and KEEP UP THE FIRE!

Staff Sergeant Chuck Groff

Topographical Maps of the DMZ

Truck after Firefight

Article on March 11, 1969 DMZ Firefight

Maps of Fort Polk Main Post and North Fort

DMZ Shooting / Helicopter Crash Article

Chicago Tribune Article on Korea, April 21, 1969

Reds vs. Yanks Firefight, March / April 1969 Article

Panmunjom Armistice Commission Meeting
Silence is not necessarily golden... April 1969

Thanksgiving in Korea, 1969